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The importance of this issue is why we wanted our new guidelines and why we have consulted widely to make sure that they have a strong and clear content.I am extremely grateful again to the Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights for their valuable input. I trust that many of the recommendations will be reflected in the final version of the guidelines, which will be adopted by the Foreign Affairs Council on 24 June.Here too, we have developed practical EU guidelines to be adopted this month by the Council, which should reinforce the work of the European Union.

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Przy wypożyczaniu filmu, zakupie pakietu i odtwarzaniu treści prosimy o używanie wcześniejszych wersji podstawowej przeglądarki, ściągnięcie wersji Extended Support Release lub skorzystanie z innych przeglądarek internetowych (z wyłączeniem Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge oraz Opery).NGOs and civil society make governments and politicians uncomfortable.That exactly is what they are supposed to do: to push the boundaries, to watch over the way governments work and to get under their skin.He has also worked closely with civil society in Europe and in other countries, and helped to secure really important changes.The protection of NGOs and human rights defenders is a core priority for both Stavros and for me.

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